Aminu Good Works Foundation | Living Word Mission Children’s Home
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Living Word Mission Children’s Home

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Living Word Mission Children’s Home – Ibadan, Nigeria

In 2016, on our first trip to Ibadan we visited an orphanage that is home to 100 children. It is headed up by a very kind and full-hearted woman by the name of Mrs.Williams. Below you can read her story on how she and her husband came to take care of these children:


“We were initially going to the rural communities to preach the gospel. On getting there we realised that the children were not going to school. They wake up in the morning and follow their parents to their farms. I stayed back in the city because I had a small business that I was attending to. My husband and his fellow missionaries decided to start teaching the children how to recite the alphabets, etc.. We saw that they needed to be taken out of the villages and with their parents consent we brought the first batch. At the initial stage we placed them with Christian families to support them in school, and they actually put them in school. Trouble started when reports started coming in that some of them are stealing, stubborn etc.Some families were no longer willing to accommodate them. We reported the issue to the government and the police. Their parents were contacted and they gave their consent that their kids should stay with us. The children home started about 20 years ago. Now we take care of abandoned babies, Orphans (both single and double orphans), vulnerable children, etc.” – Mrs. Williams


We have been working with Living Word since 2016. On our last visit in June 2018 we spent hours in the market to buy food to supply the orphanage for six months. We will return in December and replenish their supply for another six months. We are also working with them to ensure that the children are getting access to fresh fruit at least two times per week. Although, it may be something we take for granted many of the children have never had fruit. We deeply believe that no child should go hungry and want to continue making Living Word a priority.


Another way we are working with the orphanage is that we are hoping to send all of the children to private school. Although, it may be a bit more expensive the quality of education the children will receive will increase. Also private schools are a bit more stable in Nigeria. We have a few of the children already enrolled but our goal is to have all of them enrolled as soon as possible.