Aminu Good Works Foundation | Camp Nigeria
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Camp Nigeria


Our Current Focus

In 2017, and over the next few years, we are focusing on work in Ibadan, Nigeria. Ibadan is the capital of Oyo State, Nigeria and the most populous city in the state with a population of over 3 million. It is the third most populous city in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area. At the time of Nigeria’s independence in 1960, Ibadan was the largest and most populous city in the country, and the second most populous in Africa after Cairo.


Ibadan is located in south-western Nigeria, about 80 miles inland northeast of Lagos and about 330 miles southwest of Abuja, the federal capital. It is a prominent transit point between the coastal region and the areas in the hinterland of the country. Ibadan had been the center of administration of the old Western Region since the days of the British colonial rule, and parts of the city’s ancient protective walls still stand to this day. The principal inhabitants of the city are the Yorubas, as well as various communities from other parts of the country.


On August 25, 2017 we will hold our second basketball camp in Ibadan. This first camp took place last summer, 2016, with about 60 talented youth. This camp is being offered in partnership with NBA Africa, Nike, the National Basketball Players Association Foundation and other sponsors. The goal is to improve the basketball skills and leadership skills of athletically talented Ibadan youth who have an interest in attending college and who dream one day of playing professional sports. Aminu Good Works will be a catalyst for offering opportunities for a bright and successful future for the camp participants and provide resources to better the families and communities around the camp.


Our Goals in Nigeria over the Next 5 Years


•To build a platform for exposure our talented young athletes for recruitment at the high school, college and professional sports levels.

•To build a network of professional resources, including scouts, coaches and philanthropists for our program and our young athletes.

•To support the infrastructure needs in Idaban and the region through the residential and commercial development.


Our vision for Ibadan is that our work will activate a broader philanthropic community who will drive funding and resources to Ibadan, improving the infrastructure across the region

Our purpose in there is to create financial and academic opportunities for top athletes in Ibadan, Nigeria.


See photos and watch video from the 2017 and 2018 Camp below:

2018 Camp Photo Gallery